Songbook of the East

Songbook of the East is Available Now!

George Sepmeier’s first songbook is a collection of 125 Middle Eastern songs and celebrates his time spent playing this diverse music. Available now on Amazon.

Songbook of the East: A Collection of Middle Eastern Songs is a first-of-its-kind ‘realbook’ for Middle Eastern music. Perfect for world music lovers, musicians, ethnomusicologists, band leaders, and students interested in deepening their understanding and appreciation for Eastern Music. Includes 125 fully transcribed Turkish, Persian, Jewish, Andalusian, and Arabic traditional and popular songs. Perfect for group and ensemble learning with native language lyrics, translations, and transliterations.


  • 125 fully transcribed songs with lyrics, translations, and transliterations.
  • Explanations of Arabic Maqam, Turkish Makam, and Persian Dastgah
  • Examples for Arabic Iqa and Turkish Usul rhythm systems
  • Examination of Middle Eastern song forms
  • Music and Cultural facts
  • Beautiful pictures and artwork from the Middle East

This book is the culmination of over a year of thought and devoted effort. I would like to thank a large number of people for helping it to completion. Thank you Pete Jacobs and Zuruna for showing me the possibilities of this music. Martha Montemayor for help with printing and business advice. Thanks Beetbox for providing a comfortable workplace and a constant supply of coffee and gluten-free donuts while the main portion of this book manifested. Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in a book like this.